conference programme

welcome drink

A welcome drink will be served on Wednesday, 25 July 2012 at 20:00 at the pool bar of the Capsis Astoria Hotel (conference hotel). Follow the signs inside the hotel to reach the location.

day 1

Thursday, 26 July 2012
09:00Opening Remarks
Icon slides (2.7 MB)
Keynote: Industrial Control Systems Security
Corrado Leita (Symantec Research Labs)
10:15Coffee Break
10:45Session I: Malware I
Icon slides (407.6 KB) Using File Relationships in Malware Classification
Nikos Karampatziakis, Anil Thomas, and Mady Marinescu (Microsoft Corporation),
Jack W. Stokes (Microsoft Reasearch)
Icon slides (7.8 MB) Understanding DMA Malware
Patrick Stewin, Iurii Bystrov (Security in Telecommunications - Technische Universitaet Berlin)
Large-Scale Analysis of Malware Downloaders
Christian Rossow (Institute for Internet Security, University of Applied Sciences Gelsenkirchen and Network Institute, VU University Amsterdam),
Christian Dietrich (Institute for Internet Security, University of Applied Sciences Gelsenkirchen and Department of Computer Science, Friedrich-Alexander University),
Herbert Bos (Network Institute, VU University Amsterdam)
Icon slides (2.7 MB)
Invited talk: The state of mobile security
Manuel Egele (UC Santa Barbara)
15:00Coffee Break
15:30Session II: Mobile Security
Icon slides (2.0 MB) Juxtapp: A Scalable System for Detecting Code Reuse Among Android Applications
Steve Hanna, Edward Wu, Saung Li, Charles Chen, Dawn Song (UC Berkeley),
Ling Huang (Intel Labs)
Icon slides (705.1 KB) ADAM: An Automatic and Extensible Platform to Stress Test Android Anti-Virus Systems
Min Zheng, Patrick P. C. Lee, John C. S. Lui (Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
18:00End of Day
20:00Social Event

Social Event

The conference social event will be held in the evening of the first conference day at Cretaquarium . The bus to the location will depart from the conference hotel at 20:00.

day 2

Friday, 27 July 2012
Icon slides (799.9 KB)
Invited talk: Defending Against Return-Oriented Programming
Michalis Polychronakis (Columbia University)
10:15Coffee Break
10:45Session III: Malware II
Icon slides (600.1 KB) A Static, Packer-Agnostic Filter to Detect Similar Malware Samples
Gregoire Jacob (University of California, Santa Barbara and Telecom SudParis),
Paolo Milani Comparetti, Matthias Neugschwandtner (Vienna University of Technology),
Christopher Kruegel, Giovanni Vigna (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Icon slides (1007.7 KB) Experiments with Malware Visualization
Yongzheng Wu (Singapore University of Technology and Design),
Roland H.C. Yap (School of Computing, National University of Singapore)
Icon slides (1.5 MB) Tracking Memory Writes for Malware Classification and Code Reuse Identification
Andre Ricardo Abed Gregio (Renato Archer IT Research Center and University of Campinas),
Paulo Licio de Geus (University of Campinas),
Christopher Kruegel, Giovanni Vigna (University of California, Santa Barbara)
13:45Session IV: Secure Design
Icon slides (5.1 MB) System-level Support for Intrusion Recovery
Andrei Bacs, Remco Vermeulen, Asia Slowinska,  Herbert Bos (Network Institute, VU University Amsterdam)
Icon slides (305.6 KB) NetGator: Malware Detection Using Program Interactive Challenges
Brian Schulte, Haris Andrianakis, Kun Sun,  Angelos Stavrou (The Center for Secure Information Systems, George Mason University)
Icon slides (1.5 MB) SmartProxy: Secure Smartphone-Assisted Login on Compromised Machines
Johannes Hoffmann, Sebastian Uellenbeck, Thorsten Holz (Horst Goertz Institute, Ruhr-University Bochum)
15:15 Coffee Break
15:45Session V: IDS
Icon slides (303.6 KB) BISSAM: Automatic Vulnerability Identification of Office Documents
Thomas Schreck, Stefan Berger, Jan Goebel (Siemens CERT)
Icon slides (3.1 MB) Self-organized Collaboration of Distributed IDS Sensors
Karel Bartos (Faculty of Electrical Engineering Czech Technical University in Prague),
Martin Rehak (Faculty of Electrical Engineering Czech Technical University in Prague and Cognitive-Security s.r.o.),
Michal Svoboda (Cognitive-Security s.r.o.)
Icon slides (1.2 MB) Shedding Light on Log Correlation in Network Forensics Analysis
Elias Raftopoulos, Matthias Egli, and Xenofontas Dimitropoulos (ETH Zurich)
17:15Closing Remarks