The SysSec community

Seeking to further strengthen the ties with our community, SysSec now gives the opportunity to interested security researchers to become Associate Members of SysSec.


SysSec associate members (AMs) will be able to contribute to the activities of the SysSec Network of Excellence through a variety of activities including:

  • AMs will be able to host SysSec scholars ,
  • AMs will be able to host "SysSec" Marie Curie fellows ,
  • AMs will have access to the SysSec course repository hosting University course material in Systems Security. AMs will also be able to contribute course material, such as slides, homeworks, etc.
  • AMs  will be invited to meetings (such as workshops and summer schools). In some cases there will be funding to support part of these travel expenses. 

Applying to become an Associate Member

Applying to become a SysSec AM is simple. Just fill our (short) application form . All applications will be evaluated at periodic intervals by the project's Evaluation Committee.